Frontline Mixer Showers

Frontline’s range of mixer showers are here in a loud and proud way! The electric range covers every kind of shower you could ever dream of bringing you one step closer to cultivating the bathroom of your dreams. Every kind of style you could crave is here so that whether you are tailoring a traditional bathroom, creating a contemporary space or working with minimalism in mind, you can do so.

This range incorporates all tastes and preferences with bold, dynamically innovative looks, slender, sleek showers, chunky square or opulently round shower heads and a range of utterly unique designs never seen before!

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Set Descending Direction

If you’re looking for something eye-catching, decadent and completely one of a kind, then you needn’t look much further than Frontline. If you aren’t quite sure what kind of bathroom you want to create, then take a look and be inspired. You’re bound to see something below that triggers off your tastes.

The experts at Frontline have thought of everything with a range of pivotal pieces from their hotly anticipated range, and they haven’t disappointed. We turn to Frontline again and again because they know how to marry luxury and refined sophistication with affordability, tempering elitist, high-class looks with a sense of inspiring freshness which makes them frontline by name, frontline by nature. These guys truly are a step ahead of the rest with cutting edge editions to die for. As one of Britain’s leading bathroom distributors, Frontline showcase over 6,000 products, so if you’re looking for a stunning new shower to bolster your bathroom’s appeal, give this range a go.