Frontline Mixer Showers


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  1. Frontline Chrome Mode Bath Shower Mixer
    £141.35 Was £195.00
  2. Frontline Chrome Sabre Bath Shower Mixer
    £270.38 Was £373.00
  3. Frontline Chrome F60 Bath Shower Mixer
    £163.82 Was £226.00
  4. Frontline Chrome Medici Bath Shower Mixer
    £179.05 Was £247.00
  5. Frontline Nero Matt Black Shower Column
    £483.50 Was £667.00
  6. Frontline Sleek Chrome Shower Column
    £400.14 Was £552.00
  7. Frontline Velar Black Shower Pack
    £509.59 Was £670.00
  8. Frontline Etros Brass Exposed Mixer Shower
    £833.62 Was £1,150.00

Items 1-24 of 35

Set Descending Direction

Frontline’s range of mixer showers are here in a loud and proud way! The electric range covers every kind of shower you could ever dream of bringing you one step closer to cultivating the bathroom of your dreams. Every kind of style you could crave is here so that whether you are tailoring a traditional bathroom, creating a contemporary space or working with minimalism in mind, you can do so.

This range incorporates all tastes and preferences with bold, dynamically innovative looks, slender, sleek showers, chunky square or opulently round shower heads and a range of utterly unique designs never seen before!