Triton Mixer Showers


Triton, the Great British Shower Company, conjures images of merman and mermaids but it’s not just the name that counts, but the gorgeous aesthetics, easy style and stunning functionality If you’ve been looking for a slick but easy-going style that makes full use of the latest in shower technology, our collection of Triton Mixer showers has convenience covered.

For design fans, the Triton range has lots of recommend it. Think svelte, striking showers snaking their way elegantly from fixed wall bars and a myriad of softly circular, boldly curved and defiantly squared shower heads to add a dazzling visual appeal.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

The variety of this range is perhaps one of our largest, with something available for every home. The clean, simple, modern style that runs throughout the collection is a manufacturer signature, making them a smart choice when value for money and performance matter.

You’ll find a number of new designs in the range with most crafted from dependable, resilient chrome so you can rest assured that your great-looking shower fixture will work just the way you need it too with all the reliability and durability you’d expect from a Triton product. With complete sets to choose from, the purchase process is also reassuringly easy and stress free.