Power Showers

Power showers offer the ultimate showering experience as they combine hot and cold water to provide the perfect temperature whilst using the showers integrated pump to increase the flow rate of the water from the shower head. The advantage of power showers is that an independent supply is not require as the water is mixed together and not heated helping you save on energy. At Bella Bathrooms we have a wide range of power showers from Mira and Triton in a range of finishes to allow you to choose the perfect one for your bathroom. To view our entire range of showers you need to click here.

Power Shower Brands:

Mira Power Showers

Possibly one of the most well known shower brands on the current market is Mira. We offer a selection of Mira power showers to help you create a more invigorating shower experience in your own home. They are finished with a smart white and chrome finish to suit a variety of different bathroom spaces. We stock a generous range of Mira products to help you create the ideal showering space.

Triton Power Showers

Triton are also one of the most reputable showering brands around today and we offer a selection of their power showers to bring you a power packed shower experience. These stylish units from Triton are available in both chrome and white finishes to best suit your bathroom space. We stock a wide selection of Triton products to help you create a top quality bathroom.

Choose a power shower from either of these top quality market leaders and we promise you will have a modern shower that you will want to use over and over again!