Triton Power Showers

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The triton is a symbol of underwater authority and prestige. The Triton brand certainly possess both, owing to their 30+ years of experience within the bathroom industry. Their knowledge, expertise and artful insight enable them to craft gorgeously sumptuous bathrooms that are both elegant and clean for a simple but stylish addition to any home.

This power shower range has been specifically designed for those who like their showers with added oomph, using Triton’s latest pump technology to push water through at ultra high flow rates. With dedicated options for homes with low pressure, as well as an array of new technology, such as separate flow and temperature controls, ultra efficient mixer and pump systems and choice of flow patterns, a Triton power shower promises to be a luxurious and enjoyable addition to the shower room.

The look of this range is streamlined and practical with lots of chrome and sleek white allowing the shower itself to make the statement. All power showers within the range are easy to install and with no plumbing connections required, even installation costs are reassuringly affordable. Integrated pumps and automatic shut downs are included as standard while a manufacturer guarantee offers complete peace of mind.