Hudson Reed Shower Towers

Hudson Reed’s shower towers are the perfect complement to any of Bella Bathrooms’ beautiful collection of bathrooms. The very definition of style, each shower tower boasts a sleek looking design and a variety of functions and settings that will make the shower your favourite place to relax and unwind or refresh and reinvigorate.

Whether you want a simple overhead shower or a luxury model with inset body jets and an extra hand set, the Hudson Reed collection has the perfect model for you. From the standard designs ideal for those building a bathroom on a budget, to the extravagant options with all the bells and whistles that will transform a bathroom into a spa-like experience, there’s something here for everyone.

The aesthetics of the towers are just as varied and spectacular as some of the features. The perfect modern shower towers for the perfect modern bathroom, the sleek and stylish designs look like they’ve been imported straight from a luxury hotel or a five-star resort. The stainless steel towers are contemporary to the point of being futuristic, making them the ideal choice for those who want their bathroom to last them for many decades to come.

Get in touch with Bella Bathroom’s range of bathroom gurus to see which shower tower is the ideal choice for you and your bathroom.

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