Twin Impeller Negative Head Shower Pumps

Creating that extra feeling of power for your shower is possible with our range of twin impeller negative head shower pumps. The most common use for a negative twin impeller pump is when a shower is installed above the cold water tank into a loft space when the cold water is mains fed. The rule of thumb is that if the outlet (for example tap or shower) is just below, level or above your cold water storage tank you will need a negative head shower pump. This negative type of shower pump is activated by sensing a drop in water pressure and it will continue to help push the flow of water until the shower is turned off giving you a constant improvement in the flow of water. So why choose a negative head pump?


The Negative Head Pump

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a select range of top quality twin impeller negative head shower pumps from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shower pumps; Salamander, Stuart Turner and Techflow. The Stuart Turner negative head pump range is particularly popular. Select a pressure ranging from 1.0 to 4.0+ BAR for your negative head pump depending on how much extra power you require that will assist you in converting your shower into a more powerful water outlet that improves your showering experience. All of these twin impeller shower pumps are offered at very competitive prices and all the negative head pumps come with lengthy manufacturers’ guarantees assuring you of their quality.

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