Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pumps

Whether you are fundamentally a bath or shower person, there is little denying the refreshing and rejuvenating feeling of an early morning shower to prepare for the day ahead. Our Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pumps collection includes a range of options for various styles of shower units including thermostatic and manual shower mixers all of which will help you create that invigorating feel for your own shower. This range of shower pumps from our twin impeller shower pumps range is used to feed an outlet (shower head) which is classed as being in a 'positive' location. This relates to the shower head being in a position which is beneath the level of the cold water storage tank allowing gravity to push the water downwards towards the shower pump and thus activating the twin impeller shower pump.


As you’d expect, we’ve gathered twin impeller shower pumps from a number of tried and trusted suppliers including brand names and industry stalwarts such as Salamander, Stuart Turner, Triton and Techflow Products. This careful selection of suppliers means you can have confidence in your selected product and also guarantees that you’ll find a pump that fits your specifications, all in one place. All are of these twin impeller shower pumps are reliable, durable and sold with valuable manufacturer warranties. Choose from our large range of twin impeller positive head pumps varying from 1.0 to 4.0+ in BAR pressure depending on the amount of extra oomph your shower requires.

Here at Bella Bathrooms our twin impeller shower pumps range offer a fantastic boost to both your hot and cold water supplies. These twin impeller shower pumps come with manufacturers’ guarantees from some of the most reputable shower pump designers assuring you of their top quality.

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