Frontline Blok

The Frontline Bloc collection is great for the many minimalists who crave a simple, straightforward style for their taps. The fuss and fretting of modern day life means that many of us are turning to sleek, streamlined designs to help us clear out heads and wash away the worries of the week.

Here, easy minimalism meets decadent luxury with an interesting combination of bold, blocky bodies and softly swooping spouts, this is the perfect fusion of hard meets soft and it’s aesthetically sumptuous on the eye! The perfect marriage of numerous fundamentally workable qualities, you’ve got practicality, functionality, longevity and style!

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

We believe that all of these components are essential and when they work together, you get something truly magical and special. Little lever taps are the easiest of all to operate and provide family friendly autonomy over your water flow which is perfectly geared towards the environmentally friendly who want to save water as best they can.

You have sovereignty over water flow and temperature and with a lifetime guarantee; this Frontline Blok taps range will just be the gift that keeps on giving. For those that just want to keep things simple and effortless so that your bathroom can work as a cohesive harmonious whole without being dominated by one particular fixture, then this is the range for you.