Frontline Caprice

The Frontline Caprice range of taps is the ideal addition to any contemporary bathroom. Sturdy and durable, sleek and angular, and totally chic – these modern taps are the perfect finishing touch in any of today’s streamlined white bathrooms.

The team here at Bella Bathrooms are sure you’d agree that taps are one of the most important, yet overlook elements of a bathroom. What’s the one thing you lay your hand on almost every time you use the bathroom for any reason? That’s right – the humble bathroom tap. Whether you’re running the bath filler taps to create a luxurious bubble bath, whether you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and the evening, or washing your hands multiple times a day, it’s always the taps you reach for.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

That’s why Bella Bathrooms have collated the most complete range of bathroom taps to choose from – they’re the most often-used items in the room, so it’s crucial that those renovating their bathroom are able to choose the tap solution that’s perfect for them. The Frontline Caprice taps are of top quality and will give your bathroom a contemporary feel.

With its strong, bold lines and wonderful chrome finishes, the Frontline Caprice range of pillar taps, shower mixer taps and bath fillers is one of the premium choices for anyone looking to revamp their bathroom.