Frontline Cubix2

Cubes are all the range as emphasised by Frontlines Cubix2 range. The look is sleek with some bold, daring touches to add a very modern, memorable style. Bodies are thick, durable and chunky, spouts are straight and no nonsense whilst little lever heads give you all the control you need over temperature and quantity of water flow.

This look is highly futuristic, jumping, skipping and straight up running past present designs to give us something utterly new and highly distinctive. Easy to lift levers mean that you have complete autonomy which minimises water waste.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Made out of resilient, tenacious brass and finished off in chrome, the lifetime guarantee reveals how confident Frontline are that you’ll love this range of taps and it will provide all the longevity you need. Nowadays it’s all about investing in staples that are built to last that work well as a classic design that can stay with your bathroom for the long haul.

Investing in any of these pieces is the perfect commitment. Frontline have brought us a wonderfully futuristic range comprised of phenomenal efficiency, beautiful design and bags of style. Take a look at the Frontline Cubix2 taps and see what you think! If modern or minimalist leanings are your thing, you’ll love these.