Frontline Dharma

The Frontline Dharma range is great for making a strong statement in a simple way. Do you want your fixtures to do the talking? If so, look no further. The phrase, ‘are you looking at me?’ was designed for these modern styled taps. With lightly lifting levers which intricately curve upward, sleek, elegantly shaped stands and square spouts, these taps are absolutely delightful and highly visually pleasing.

This beautiful Frontline Dharma taps range is ideally suited to any ultra modern contemporary bathroom striving to be on the cutting edge of the latest looks and your bathroom certainly will be a talking point with these on hand.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

This collection has the modern home in mind and when we think modern, we think clean, crisp and fresh. The bold square design, swooping, sweeping lines and curved lever handles all work together for a unique look you will find hard to beat.

Finished in chrome, these beauties come from Frontline; a company always leagues ahead in terms of their innovative, high quality looks. Their years of experience and expertise in the industry have lent them a promising ability to bring you state of the artwork that looks absolutely amazing and meets all of its practical and functional favourites too. Between you and us, this is one of our favourite ranges!