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Frontline Emme

The sleek, slick look is always in style. It’s as modern and contemporary as ever with a shimmering finish befitting of any luxury bathroom. Yes, this range of Frontline Emme taps is built with efficiency, practicality and function in mind but it isn’t lacking in superb style either. Chunky bodies, long, dominating spouts and easy to use, family friend levers give you easy access to water and make the whole process wonderfully straightforward and simple. The rounded design lends softness and with all brass wear finished in chrome it’s a durable range that promises longevity.

This range of taps is set to stun with its sheer sophistication and enduring elegance. These are bathroom staples that you won’t want to trade in. These are also highly suited to minimalist bathrooms whether it be the family bathroom or a luxurious en suite.

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