Frontline Flo

For a bang on trend ultra modern look we’ve got the goods in the form of the Frontline Flo range, which has been matched with the ideal moniker for water that sets forth a generous gush. Open top waterfall style spouts release a flood of water that you can easily control in terms of temperature and amount to reduce and minimise unnecessary wastage.

Thick, bold, chunky bodies cement and root the taps in place, whilst the unique spout dives open in a dynamically sleek manner. A thick, lightweight lever top helps you keep tabs on how much water and how hot or cold so that you and your family can keep things easy and straightforward.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

This look really fits in anywhere but is best matched to utterly contemporary styles that like to be ahead of the curve or minimalistic bathrooms that prefer a fresh new approach where functionality fuses with form and style with substance without any excess frills and fuss.

As one of our most exciting and practical ranges, we know that if you take a look at the Frontline Flo taps you’ll fall in love. The lifetime guarantee here means that once you buy, you’ll never have to give it up. Made from tough, hard wearing brass and finished in chrome, this is as sturdy as they come. Frontline have truly gone further than we could ever have expected with this range. We are so confident that you’ll love these high quality pieces.