Frontline Gemini

Astrologically, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, attributed to the dual, multifaceted twins. With that in mind, this range is aptly named, proving that the best things come in twos! Why have one, when you can have one more?

That’s our motto. Utterly affordable, this Frontline Gemini taps range is easy on the wallet and kind to the budget. Simple, straightforward, streamlined and sleek, the Frontline Gemini range is perfectly suited for the more minimalistic household striving towards an effortless, low key look.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

There’s no frills and no fuss, this is a chic all functionality focused range of taps with bold, solid bodies, swooping spouts and two mini levers that make opening and closing water flow so easy. All brass wear is finished off in chrome and with a lifetime guarantee this highly unique style won’t need to go anywhere, and it certainly won’t go out of fashion.

It’s softly rounded design creates effortless elegance and gorgeous grace, this is ideal for a cutting edge contemporary feel. We turn to Frontline for unique, superb designs that you can’t really find elsewhere. If you want to keep things fresh, functional and different, then this range is perfect for you. Fall in love not once, but twice and start looking!