Frontline Modo

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Gushing open top waterfall spouts release a flood of water that will make you feel like you live in an ethereal wonderland should you opt for any of the stunning taps in this visually appealing collection. These big, blocky taps are crafted to the highest quality with voluminous bodies, straight open top spouts and tiny levers for optimum control over the water function. You can easily control the temperature and the amount of water giving you complete sovereignty over your bathroom that you just can’t beat.

With a range of taps and shower mixers to choose from, it’s up to you how your bathroom looks with a collection that will fit in with any decor but leans towards minimalistic and low-key contemporary looks but you can also give a traditional bathroom a boost with a cutting edge look that will clash in a very charismatic way! As well as being sleekly stylish, easy and effortless to use, promisingly practical and fully functional, it’s also wonderfully affordable so you won’t have to break the bank to afford luxury and high quality.