Frontline Petit

For those hankering after a more petite style of tap, we’ve got just the ticket. The Frontline Petit taps range is aptly named for its slender, streamlined appeal. The bodies may be thick and bold, but the spouts are a little more compact and the levels light to handle to optimise water flow.

Whatever kind of style of tap you are searching for you’re bound to find it here, with a style suited to every type of decor so that it fits in with the ambience and atmosphere that you wish to create. With a lifetime guarantee, all items are finished in durable, tenacious chrome for a look with longevity and durability as well as practicality and function. Of course, you can’t forget style. These taps have all of that in spades as well! We love Frontline because they lead the way when it comes to beautiful high quality designs that can really last the test of time.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

For those who want to invest in their fixtures rather than frequently change them, this is certainly the place to be. One investment will last you a lifetime and be the gift that keeps on giving lending your bathroom a sophisticated, contemporary elegance that you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

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