Frontline Pure

There’s a lot of sweeping and swooping going on with this range of taps and it looks phenomenal. For true elegance, style and sleek sophistication, you’ve found the perfect range. This look really suits any contemporary modern bathroom so it’s great for those scouting out an ultra trendy little look to compliment their home.

The Pure range from Frontline is suitably named because of its clean and crisp finish. This is a straightforward, streamlined look that is still inherently fashionable but without compromising on productivity, practicality and functionality. You get it all in one with this collection. Strong, bold bodies and dynamically yet softly curving spouts create a really interesting contrast visually.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

This look is completely clean with no fuss and no muss. The Frontline Pure taps collection is perfect for the hectic family bathroom or the luxurious little en suite that you might be planning. Simply lift the lever and let the water flow! Highly affordable and with a lifetime guarantee, this is a highly worthy investment for your household. You’ll never need to trade it in for a newer, younger model.

Any of this collection will be a classic choice for years to come. We turn to Frontline for pioneering, ingenious new styles that are hard to find elsewhere. Bold, sparkling and easy to use, this range is a real winner with us. Take a look and we think you’ll agree.