Frontline Sleek

Sleek is always in style. We all know it. There’s something about a smooth, stunning, strikingly simplistic and streamlined look of the Frontline Sleek range of taps that maintains a clean, fresh appeal that’s especially befitting of a bathroom.

Within a modern or contemporary bathroom setting, this look is the ideal accompaniment whilst minimalistic bathrooms also benefit from the carefree caress of such fixtures, as do bathrooms that prefer to prioritise practicality ahead of fuss and detail.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

The Frontline Sleek taps range does what it says on the tin. Effortlessly beautiful and low key, the effect of the workmanship is absolutely captivating. Even more stunning if you keep it spruced up and cleaned, the sheen and shimmer on the brass work cannot be beaten. Finished in chrome with a lifetime guarantee, that’s how confident Frontline is that this range will not fail you. Square, bold and really ensnaring, this look is funky, fun and futuristic and is definitely a little ahead of the curve.

Set to be a modern classic, Frontline has really impressed this time a look so simple, so sophisticated and so elegant. Fast becoming one of our favourites, we are sure that you’ll agree once you take a look and find a promising piece to suit the bathroom of your dreams and bring it into reality.