Frontline Slyde

Now we really can’t say enough about this absolutely stunning range of taps which shows us that the most striking things can really stun us with their stylish straight forward simplicity. The Frontline Slyde taps range are innovatively minimalistic and ideal for any home that is ahead of its time with a bathroom that is cutting edge contemporary, even veering on a little futuristic.

This range has won us over with its elegant, easy, breezy approach. The focus here is on sheer, shimmering style that is perfectly practical, fantastically functionally, wonderfully high quality and beautifully engineered. This is one of our solid favourites simply because it is so captivating encapsulating all the best of low key style and technological advancements.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

The experts at Frontline know how to produce innovative works that combine all the best of function and form to create real lookers. We know that a gorgeous aesthetic is just as important as a tap that works well. That’s why we can’t stop raving about this range. It really has it all! Sometimes, keeping things simple and to the point lets your entire bathroom do the talking and means that no one area dominates. If you want to let your bathroom operate as a harmonious space, simple fixtures definitely work and we would recommend a sleek style.

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