Frontline Victorian

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  1. Frontline Victorian Basin Taps
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  2. Frontline Victorian Bath Taps
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  3. Frontline Victorian Bath Filler Tap
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  4. Frontline Victorian Bath Shower Filler Tap
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6 Items

Set Descending Direction

The Victorian era culminated a while ago and yet its impact can still be felt today. The classic, enduring style is well worth incorporating into your contemporary or traditional bathroom for a twist reminiscent of a bygone era.

Finished in chrome, this traditional design of taps looks great in an old fashioned bathroom or to incorporate a quirky twist to a modern look and offers a lifetime guarantee (that’s a lot of years to love!) This vast assortment enables you lots of choice so you’re bound to meet your match as you browse this tantalising selection of sweeping spouts, crosshead taps, and stout bodies.