Hudson Reed Tec Crosshead

For those caught at a crossroads of style decisions, who court a fusion of traditional old world and miraculously modern design, the Hudson Reed Tec Crosshead range of Hudson Reed taps blends the best of both. The result is an utterly unique and sleekly striking range of taps that will suit all bathrooms, regardless of whether the decor is old school or break neck speed modern.

The chic crosshead handles provide an old-world symmetry and style that is hard to beat while also adding a surreal, quirky edge. Crafted from solid, tenacious brass, the smooth quarter turn action is as precise and fluid as the water that will soon be free-flowing from your stunning new tap.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

For design fans, we reckon this range is right on the money with the elongated curve of the spout matched with the crosshead handles creating an eye-catching meld of detail and simplicity. Artfully crafted by Hudson Reed Tec, who are known for creating beautiful, sleek taps that happily fit into any home, the Tec Crosshead collection is sure to add an unforgettable touch. Each tap in the range is imbued with Hudson’s trademark sense of style and effortless, innovative design merged. This nod to the modern doesn’t mean the traditional has been forgotten however, with classic aspects of old-style taps and spouts used artlessly in the collection, old school décor has never looked so fresh.

Each luxury design merges practicality with aesthetics, so timeless features merge with exciting new developments. The innovation and creativity of the brand make them a hard to beat option that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Choose the Hudson Reed Tec Crosshead taps as a starting point towards it.