Moods Bathrooms Vero

We absolutely love this range of taps and here’s why; the best practical, functional technology marries cutting edge design that you won’t find elsewhere. In fact this Moods Bathrooms Vero taps range is fast becoming one of our firm favourites. Aesthetically we’re dealing with bold thick bases designed for structure, solidness and stability. Merge this with thick, chubby, bold bodies, straight no nonsense spouts and levers and beautifully softened cube heads and you’ve got a winner!

The design is softly rounded and cubic, prioritising a look that is stable and also an intriguing mixture of current and futuristic. This range is utterly perfect for those wishing to cultivate a modern, cutting-edge look that appears to be one step into the future.

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With a solid brass construction that is finished in chrome, these are looks you’ll just love so have a browse and see which one you fall in love with! With a lot of longevity this is a love affair that’s not set to end so you can trust that your bathroom will remain fully functional and incredibly unique for years to come. Affordable, stylish and made to last, you really can’t go wrong with this range of mixer taps. They say the future is now, and in this case, they definitely aren’t wrong.