Premier Quest

Bathrooms really work well with a sleek, chic style that encapsulates a vibe of tranquility and composure. The bathroom should after all, be an easy going, laid back space where you can completely let go.

We always turn to premier for beautiful design and optimum functionality and they have not disappointed with their Quest range of taps. Just take a look around and we can guarantee you’ll see something you like!

All taps come with a sleek, polished finish lending them a powerful elegance that looks luxurious in a low-key way. The rounded design looks soft and requires attention to detail, creating a gentle ambiance in your bathroom.

This highly affordable range doesn’t skimp on style. Bold spouts, gentle levers and thick pedestals have merged to create a versatile range that’s simple but not predictable. The focus here is stylish lever design with easy, convenient functionality. The compact, succinct fittings are premier-stylish and designed to suit any contemporary bathroom. If you aren’t quite sure what image you’re going for, all of these fixtures will fit right in and won’t clash with whatever you decide to cultivate. With a myriad of designs to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice with this range!