Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Excited about redesigning your bathroom? So you should be with the range of different taps available to create a unique look for your bathroom space. Bath shower mixer taps allow you to get the best of both worlds for your bathroom by incorporating a shower head into a bath tap. This tap type will add a touch of grandeur to your bathroom. The added feature of the shower head on these taps allows you to do many things you may not otherwise be able to do with a standard bath filler tap. The integrated shower head can be used to wash your hair with ease or keep the bath clean after use. View our bath shower mixer taps range and choose the ideal accessories for your bath which can finish your bathroom off perfectly. Bath shower mixer taps can really make your bathroom stand out for style.

What Styles of Bath Shower Mixer Taps are Available?

  • Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Taps
  • Bath Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Taps
  • Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer Taps
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Why Choose Bath Shower Mixer Taps?

No matter what the reason is for choosing the bath shower mixer tap once it is installed you will be wondering how you managed without one of these taps. A bath shower mixer tap really offers you flexibility within your bathroom space and will be useful for people who don’t have the room for a separate shower enclosure in their bathroom. Update your current bathroom and add a bath shower mixer tap to make a big impression with a simple touch.

Where do we begin to let you know the choice of bath shower mixer tap types available for your bathroom? This extensive tap range truly offers a tap to suit every style of bathroom imaginable. Check out the lavish bath shower mixer taps such as the Ultra York which oozes opulence. Its decorative styling will really stand out in a traditional or vintage style bathroom. The large shower head sits in a frame above the classic double taps. Enjoy a more luxurious feel to your bathroom with the addition of these taps.

For a more contemporary feel in your bathroom we stock a wide variety of more modern bath shower mixer taps, think more slim line and geometric edges. The Premier Garde bath shower mixer tap is a particularly sleek and straight edged design with stylish lever handles on the taps. A statement tap can add that all important finishing touch to a bathroom theme. You won’t believe how changing your taps can update the entire bathroom space.

It is not just the overall style that you have the choice of with these bath shower mixer taps as different tap types and all shapes and sizes of shower heads are to be considered. From lever taps to cross head taps and both round or rectangular shower heads the range truly is diverse for your bathroom. You can really create a different look for your bathroom with this range of taps. Match the tap to your basin taps for a coherent look in your bathroom space.

View our fantastic ranges of bath shower mixer taps and choose the perfect addition for your bath. You won’t be disappointed at the wonderful bathroom accessories available for your bath. All of our bath shower mixer taps are supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers who provide lengthy guarantees assuring you of the quality of whichever tap you may purchase. Offered at very competitive prices and with quick delivery your bathroom transformation can begin very soon!