Bath Tap Showers

When choosing the ideal accessories for your bathroom not everyone has the luxury of an endless budget for taps. This is where the handy bath tap showers come in as a useful bathroom accessory. These bath tap showers provide an easy and cost effective way to add a showering option to your bath or basin in your bathroom. This is ideal for a second bathroom when you may have guests staying or for family bathrooms when you are all trying to get ready in the bathroom at the same time. These attach to your tap quickly to be used whenever it’s needed. Who knew your tap could become a useable shower?


These bath tap showers are universally designed to fit the majority of standard basin pillar taps and bath pillar taps, you simply just operate the individual taps as normal to control flow and temperature. As long as your home doesn’t have poor water flow these bath tap showers can help you rinse your hair or clean the bath more efficiently.

View our range of bath tap showers and see how they can add flexibility to your bathroom space. Simply attach to your tap and away you go!

What is Available in the Bath Tap Showers Range?

The bath tap shower range really is a low cost solution to improve your bathroom. Starting from around £4 these bath shower taps are extremely affordable yet highly functional addition to your bathroom. Add a bath tap shower to your bathroom to create a shower alternative or create a shower in a bathroom which can’t fit both a bath and shower. These bath tap showers are available in a small selection of different shapes and style. Choose between circular or straight edged designs to match your bathroom design. You also have the choice of a white or silver finish for your bath tap shower again to best suit your individual bathroom decor.

Croydex also offer useful riser rails so that you don’t have to hand hold the bath tap shower. This really is a very cheap way of achieving a shower over your bath for your bathroom without breaking the bank. This will leave you with money to spend elsewhere in your bathroom. This tap shower is not to be used with a mixer tap as it requires a separate hot and cold tap.

View our decent range of bath tap showers which can add a cheap shower solution to your bathroom. Have total control of your shower flow and temperatures with these tap showers. Supplied by some of the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers’ you can be assured of top quality for this useful bathroom accessory. Choose a bath tap shower which is offered at low prices with quick delivery so your bathroom will be more functional in no time.

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