Ultra Moat

The Ultra Moat range of taps is designed with the ultra modern home in mind. The ultimate in sleek contemporary design, think free flowing, open top, waterfall spouts, solid, sturdy bodies and easy to operate levers to release water flow.

This range of taps and shower mixers are ideal for the cutting edge modern bathroom veering ever so slightly towards futuristic with unusual, unique features that create a bold, dynamic and innovative new look. Ideally fitted with all plumbing systems, all items are finished in tenacious chrome and lend bathrooms an accessible, family friendly, convenient and Premier stylish look.

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One of the particular charms of the range is the sleek, chic appeal that looks clean and crisp, ideal for achieving the minimalistic look that never goes out of style! Ultra is a brand we turn to again and again because of their years of expertise and experience within the industry. For beautiful bathrooms, Ultra is one of our absolute favourites, covering everything you need from fixtures to accessories to complete and kit out the bathroom of your dreams. Designed for optimum functionality and practicality, this range doesn’t compromise on looks. For a range that ticks each and every box, look no further than Ultra Moat.

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