Colour Compendium

It is becoming more common in the era of plain white bathroom suites for people to inject a bit of colour into your bathroom. This Colour Compendium Collection is perfect for those looking to create a more colourful finish to their bathroom. This range of tiles offers a variety of block coloured tiles which can not only look good in your bathroom but other rooms in the home too. Add a splash of colour to your home with these Colour Compendium tiles. Tiles are easy to maintain and are particularly popular in bathrooms due the fact you can wipe any excess water away with ease.

This collection can definitely brighten up your bathroom space and here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will love the options available to add a splash of colour with these top quality tiles supplied by the House of British Ceramic Tile.

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What Types of Tiles are Available in the Colour Compendium Collection?

All of the tiles in this Colour Compendium collection are manufactured in the UK and are made with top quality ceramic. These high specification tiles have a premium glaze covering them which helps them to be a most durable tile. They are all square in shape to give a symmetrical finish for your bathroom and it will also help make the installation more straightforward than a pattern of different shaped tiles.

These coloured tiles are available in both gloss and satin finishes across a large range of colours from blues to purple and even orange to really inject a bright colour to your bathroom. These strong shades can really bring an element of fun into your bathroom. For the less adventurous they also stock some beautiful pastel shades such as the Panacotta and Barley shades. This will suit those who like to keep their bathroom a more serene space for relaxation.

Choose wall tiles from the Colour Compendium collection and you will add character to your bathroom space and be able to create a really unique space.