HD Technology

Fancy some tiles that look like the popular stone and marbled effect without the cost then this collection of HD Technology tiles is a fantastic innovation in the world of tiling! This collection of tiles uses the latest in Inkjet Technology to create these looks onto a smooth ceramic tile surface. This fantastic product means you can emulate almost any type of image onto your tile surface. Who knows where this type of product might go in the future?

These tiles will give your bathroom a look of luxury that you would expect to find in boutique hotels and spas. These fantastic tiles will emulate the look of the real thing which will not just save you money on purchasing but also they are cheap to maintain once installed in your bathroom. The stunning marble effects will also be suited to your kitchen area too.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will love this style of tiles to create a natural yet glamorous look for your bathroom.

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What Types of Tiles are Available in the HD Technology Collection?

These HD Technology tiles are available in both floor and wall tiles. Opt for both to create the ultimate luxurious feel in your bathroom. Choose from the different marble, patterned and stone effects to achieve this expensive look. These floor and wall tiles have gloss, matt and satin ceramic finishes depending on which will create the desired look for your bathroom. This clever range of tiles is truly at the height of modern tile design.

Choose from different shades of neutral tones from beige, browns and white to the ever popular grey to best suit your bathroom decor. You can also choose between square or rectangular shaped tiles depending on your given bathroom space.

Choose the HD Technology range if you are looking for floor and wall tiles to create a luxurious feel to your bathroom and we are confident you will be impressed with the finished look.