Mosaics & Patterned

If you are looking for tiles that will create a focal point in your bathroom or indeed other rooms in your home then look no further than this fabulous Mosaic Collection. Manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK by the House of British Ceramic Tile these attractive tiles will really grab your attention and create an impact. Suitable for both creating a border in your bathroom or a feature area say behind your sink these mosaic tiles add a beautiful textured look to your bathroom. Mosaic tiles are small sized tiles in a pattern formation that can really catch the eye due to both the different shades and shapes.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will find this Mosaic range offers a wide selection of tiles you can use to highlight a specific area of your bathroom or brighten up a plain bathroom.

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What Types of Tiles are Available in the Mosaics Collection?

These Mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colours to suit different bathroom styles. From neutral cream tones to blues, browns and even black you can choose one to best match the rest of your bathrooms decor. If you want to create a haven for relaxation then stick to the neutral tones which help you to achieve a natural style spa theme for your bathroom. For those who like to make a bigger statement with their choice of tiles then the Grey Black Hammered Glass Mosaic tiles are a small tile that can make a big impression.

These tiles are available in both wall and floor versions to create a unique look for your bathroom space. They are available in gloss, matt and metallic finishes depending on which will best suit your particular bathroom. Adding a mosaic tiled area to your bathroom can really create a focal point to your bathrooms design such as a panel within your shower or a surround for your basin.

Choose Mosaic tiles if you want to bring texture and different shades of tile into your designer bathroom space.