Tiling Essentials

Once you have chosen your ideal tiles it is important to make sure you have the necessary tiling essentials to ensure that both the installation and aftercare of your tiles is as straightforward as possible. From preparing the floor or wall prior to tiling through to laying the tiles and creating the perfect finish for your bathroom these valuable products will help you along the way. From different grout to pre seal and tile protection all the tiling essentials you will ever need can be found in this section. These tiling essentials will help you to maintain that pristine look for your tiles over the years to come.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are happy to provide you with all the tiling essentials that you will require to create a perfect tiled area!

What Tiling Essentials are Available?


Tile grout is necessary to fill in the spaces between your tiles and also to help to fix the tiles to the base. We sell bags ranging in sizes from 3kg to 10kg and they are available in a variety of colours. Choose from white, limestone, sandstone and chocolate depending on which will best suit your chosen tiles or bathroom decor. Grout is probably one of the most important tiling essential you will need when tiling your bathroom.


A good tile adhesive is necessary to ensure that tiles stay in their given position. This sets them in position to help make fitting them run more smoothly. We offer white and grey adhesive in 15kg or 20kg sizes plus a ProRapid version for an even more rapid set. We also stock a Wetwall adhesive for customers who prefer these Wetwall panels for their bathroom.


Having the ideal surface to tile on beforehand makes a big difference to the end result. These products are suitable for walls and floors that aren’t quite perfect. We stock floor leveller which creates a good strong smoothing base on which to tile on. We also stock primers and products that are suitable for use in wet rooms and shower areas.

Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant is a powerful and flexible product that ensures that all the edges of your tiles are properly sealed. This is especially important in bathrooms where you need your tiled areas to be watertight. We stock sealant in different colours to best suit the style of your bathroom.

Pre Seal

These pre seal protectors ensure that the tile surface is protected against laying dirt and salts that make grouting and cleaning easier without altering the tiles appearance. This will help to maintain the look of your tiles.

Initial Wash

We sell a range of tile wash available for a number of different tile types that can be used neat or diluted to remove grease and dirt from your tiles.

Tile Protection

We stock a range of tile protection products that will protect both your tiles and grout to keep them looking pristine. We also dirt and stain repellent for porcelain tiles.

Tile Maintenance

Keep your tiles looking as clean as the day you installed them with this range of cleaning sprays and grout cleaner.

Trouble Shooting Products

These useful tiling essentials will help remove different stains from a variety of different tile types. We even have a product that can remove acid stains from various stone types.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a good range of tiling essentials that will ensure that your tiled areas are well looked after from installation to up keep. Offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers you can be assured that these tiling qualities are of top quality.