Anyone looking to tile an area of their bathroom will need to ensure that they have a suitable adhesive for the job in hand. It is very important that your tiling adhesive is good quality to ensure that your newly laid tiles do not slip or move both during and after installation. A top quality adhesive will ensure this is the case and that is what we stock!

Our tile adhesives are available in both 15kg and 20kg packs and are offered at competitive prices. We also have adhesives in both white and grey to best suit your bathroom area. We stock Proflex adhesive which is ideal for areas were advanced adhesion may be necessary due to areas in which slight vibrations or movement can occur. Choose Prorapid for areas which require an exceptional bond between the surface and tile along with a rapid setting time being essential.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will be impressed with the range of tile adhesive available here in our tiling essentials to help you get the perfect set for your tiles.