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As with many DIY jobs it is often the preparation beforehand that produces a successful result over time and this is true when it comes to tiling. This useful tiling essentials range will highlight how important it is to prepare things correctly to keep your tiles looking perfect for years to come. These tiling pre seal products will help to prevent any contaminants entering the tiled area so that it is easier to clean both the tiles and the grout in the future.

We stock a Pre-Grouting Protector which is a water proof product that protects tiles from the dirt caused by grouting. It is suitable for a wide variety of tiles types and will not alter the appearance of your tiles. The Pre Fixing Efflorescence Blocking Protector is applied to the back of your tiles to stop salts and other contaminants seeping through your tiles and altering their appearance.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we want to ensure that your tiles are going to look fantastic in your bathroom for a long time to come.

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