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Making sure your tile preparation is carried out correctly will ensure that the end result is a smooth tiled area within your bathroom. Taking that extra time to prepare the area to be tiled will reap you the rewards in the long run. Choose the Level IT One Floor Leveler which has specially graded fillers, cements and polymers to create a strong smooth base on which you can place your tiles.

We also stock an Emulsion Primer which is designed to promote the adhesion of tiles to non porous surfaces such as chipboard, hardwood and power floated concrete to name a few. Plus we also stock a Flexible Primer which is designed to give enhanced adhesion to more porous surfaces such as plaster, timber and brick work.

Finally the Water Shield TM we have in stock is designed to be used in areas such as wet rooms and showers. This flexible waterproof membrane can be applied beneath ceramic, porcelain, mosaics and natural stone tiles.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we only stock tiling essentials of the best quality that will make your tiling jobs more hassle free!

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