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Aftercare of your new tiles is nearly as important as pre installation work if you want your tiles to remain looking smart over the years in your bathroom. It is quite easy for tiles to become discoloured or dirty if they are not looked after properly. Here at Bella Bathrooms as a part of our tiling essentials range we stock a decent selection of tile protection products.

Choose from the Fila MP90 Clear Stain Protection which will seal and protect your tile surface without discoloring the natural surface colour to the Fila FOB Solvent Stain Protection which will provide a protective base coat for your tiled floors. We also have a Fila Fugaproof Grout Protector which will prevent your grout from absorbing stains and changing colour. If your grout is dirty it will detract from the look of your tiles so this product is very useful.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are happy to provide you with the necessary tile protection products to keep those bathroom tiles gleaming.

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