Probably one of the most important of all the tiling essentials is the tiling grout. We stock tiling grout to help to give your tiled area that finished look. Tile grout fills in the gaps between your tiles and between tiles and borders to help your tiles remain watertight. The grout also helps to hold the tiles to the area they are secured to be it the wall or the floor.

We stock this wall and floor tile grout in different sizes ranging from 3kg to 10kg. This grout comes in a number of different finishes to best suit your tiled area. Choose from white, limestone, sandstone and chocolate to create the ideal look for your given bathroom space. You can also choose between fine and wide joint grout and flexi joint grout depending on the type of tile that you have fitted and where it is fitted.

View our range of quality tiling grout to achieve the perfect finish for your bathroom.

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