How to Clean Chrome Taps

Chrome is a durable, tenacious material ideally suited for taps. When chrome is not well maintained however, it begins to lose its shine and lustre. Luckily there is a vast assortment of products you can use to clean your bathroom taps and return your bathroom to its former glory. Read on to find out how to clean chrome taps and create a gleaming finish for your bathroom or cloakroom.

How to Clean Chrome Taps

First things first, have to hand a microfiber cloth. You may prefer to use a sponge or rag. It doesn’t really matter. They are all equally effective. You may simply wish to clean and spruce up tired looking taps. Other times, you may be attempting to disperse unsightly stains and water marks. Establishing a regular cleaning routine ensures your taps remain well maintained and their longevity is extended.

It’s best to adopt a ‘clean as you go’ policy so that your taps are regularly refreshed and stains and marks don’t get the chance to settle. You can apply any of the following products, allow them to soak for a short while and then use your rag, sponge or cloth to spruce it up to a blinding shine before rinsing off with water. It’s ideal to use a wet cloth first and then buff it after with a dry cloth for maximum impact.

What Alternative Products can be used to clean Chrome Taps?

Baby Oil

Most households have baby oil to hand. It’s an inexpensive way to remove stains and give chrome a quick clean and a bright sheen.


Vinegar is a powerful natural cleanser that will give chrome the desired polish. Though the odour is potent, a few drops of essential oils can nullify the strength of the smell. Vinegar is an economically and environmentally viable option that is less abrasive than manmade cleaners.

Good Old Fashioned Soap and Water

Lather up some soap in hot water and use a cloth to run the suds over the chrome. Be sure to let it soak and pat it dry.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a bathroom staple meaning that if you need to clean your taps, chances are wipes will be the closest item to hand. You can use a wipe in the exact same fashion as you would use your cloth, sponge or rag and usefully, you can see any dirt and debris come away on the wipe.

Old Tea

Leftover tea is a juggernaut when it comes to getting through grease. This is such a cost efficient option because you need go to no extra expense.

Nail Varnish Remover

The ammonia present in nail varnish remover is a powerful cleanser, albeit one with a strong, heady smell. Having some present is a great way to return life to your tired taps.


Adding a sprinkle of salt to a cloth or rag helps buff up taps a treat. The salt brings out a beautiful, authentic shine. You can add a little salt to any of the products you may settle on using.


Good old coca cola can be applied to a rag and used to give an immediate boost to dowdy looking chrome. This is one of those quick fix household solutions.


Flour isn’t just for baking. Dousing taps in flower and rinsing with warm water returns life to the dullest of taps.

Baking Soda and Lemon

Both are notorious for their cleansing properties and provide an environmentally-friendly way to clean your taps. You can use a lime if you are all out of lemons.