Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock the leading names in luxury and designer bathrooms suites, bathroom furnishing and bathroom accessories both in the UK and from around the globe.

As a company we only believe in selling the kind of bathroom furniture and furnishings that we would be happy to see in our own homes. And for that reason we ensure all the products we stock and sell from our Durham showroom are to our own high-quality standards and come with excellent craftsmanship, mixed with an impressive attention to detail.

In fact, such confidence do we (and the manufacturers) have in our products that all come with long and, in many cases, extended guarantees.

Luxuriate in leading brands

The leading brands we’re referring to include more than 40 innovative ranges – many of which have been household names for a number of decades. Our favourite brands include the modern and highly technical designs of HiB and Damixa as well as Hudson Reed with its solid and classic quarter of a century heritage in the UK.

And then there are the huge range of bathroom suite and bathroom furniture collections from Moods, Ultra and Tavistock Bathrooms who all bring expertise and a choice of traditional and contemporary styles.

We are extremely careful to ensure that the ranges we stock here at Bella Bathrooms are suitable for a whole range of household budgets, meaning we can cater for low to mid-price bathroom projects as well as luxury bathroom installations.

Continuing with our brand ‘roll call,’ others that we are happy to stock include Triton who, as many readers are no doubt aware, have been installing and providing UK households with showers for more than three decades. Another big name in the world of shower installation is, of course, Mira whose quality engineering has ensured it has survived in the competitive world of shower manufacture and installation for more than seventy years now.

Why you should choose a branded bathroom every time

At Bella Bathrooms we do get asked by prospective customers why they should pay extra money for a bathroom suite or bathroom furniture from a branded manufacturer rather than an own-name product from a giant DIY store, for instance.

The answer we give to this question is always based on quality, guarantees and after sales service. Brands care very much about their reputation. Producing inferior quality goods or a shoddy after sales service would impact negatively on that reputation. No branded manufacturer would even want to risk it.

Another reason we’d choose a brand over an un-named bathroom suite is because most brands (such as Mira above) have been around for a long time now. That means if there were any initial teething problems to start with they’ll have had them - not just ironed out – but very much improved upon by now.

In addition, we’re all aware of how aggressive the media can be these days and it’s clear that none of these companies would have survived more than a few years if all products hadn’t lived up to their brand promise.