As a way of literally washing away the day’s stresses very little beats a lovely hot shower in our own bathrooms. Today there’s such a choice in shower fittings that it’s possible to build a bespoke shower area at very little cost. More homes now feature an additional shower room as the popularity of showering increases and you will find plenty of choice across our shower enclosures selection once you have chosen the ideal shower! From a vast range of showers, associated shower heads and accessories there’s a multitude of designs and styles to choose from when creating your ideal shower. We also supply an extensive selection of shower pumps to help boost your water pressure to support more high performance showers. View our showering range and you will be pleasantly surprised at the generous range on offer meaning you can hand pick products to suit your own home or shower room.

Showering Range:

  • Showers
  • Shower Heads and Accessories
  • Shower Pumps

What is Available in the Showering Range?


We offer a truly diverse range of showers for you to choose from including electric showers, power showers and the ever popular mixer showers. We also supply a decent range of digital showers to keep your bathroom at the forefront of modern technology.

Your choice of shower will depend on your home’s water pressure as certain units need high pressure while others, such as the power shower, operate smoothly on a low pressure unit. Mixer shower units work well with most types of water pressure while shower towers and shower jets require a high pressure water output. Electric showers don’t require connection to a mains water supply so will work if the electrics fail while power showers pay for themselves over time thanks to their smart use of hot water. Shower body jets are your own personal wet massage service and offer the ultimate in showering luxury.

Shower Heads

From large ceiling mounted shower heads to shower hoses and shower riser rails, you can choose how to enjoy your own personal waterfall and in which direction you’ll encounter the water. Larger square or circular shower heads add a modern touch to any bathroom and many come equipped with special eco-friendly features to ensure neither water or energy is wasted unnecessarily. Shower riser rails will ensure that the shower is suitable for everyone in the family due to the flexibility of height positioning.

Shower Pumps

If you’re keen on a shower tower with jets but don’t have the water pressure to cope with such an installation then here at Bella Bathrooms we sell a versatile range of shower pumps which can easily rectify that situation. And better still, most shower pumps these days are quiet, discrete and will get any shower working to the capacity you’re looking for. Indeed some of the pumps we offer can improve the water pressure throughout your bathroom an even your entire home.

View our entire showering range which can help you to create the perfect showering experience you dreamed of. All of our showering products are supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers who offer lengthy manufacturers guarantees as standard assuring you of the quality we offer here at Bella Bathrooms.