Bathroom Accessories

Seeking to make your bathroom sanctuary as special and individual as the rest of your home? Of course you are. Well, the way to achieve this is to make your mark with accessories. And thanks to an amazing range of items available right here at Bella Bathrooms it’s practically child’s play to achieve – and we promise, you’ll have such fun choosing along the way.


From LED backlight mirrors, to wall hanging lamps and decorative toilet roll holders to soap dispensers, shelves, shower accessories and modern electrical gadgets – today’s home owner really can set their latent interior design streak loose.

Make magic with mirrors

You’ll find a mirror in most bathrooms these days is far more functional than aesthetic. That’s because mirrors work well as a focal point for any bathroom - especially when back-lit or overly-large. They can expand the size of a bathroom by giving the impression it’s roomier than it actually is (a great choice for smaller bathrooms and en-suites). They also work well for reflecting light and creating atmosphere.

Frameless mirrors are a very contemporary look and here at Bella Bathrooms you really are spoiled for choice in this respect. With one of the UK’s largest bathroom mirror collections there’s arched, oval and geometric options from heated and back-lit mirrors to sensor controlled and shelved options containing, in some cases, lights, integrated clocks, radios and even shaving sockets (we told you they were functional).

Let there be LED lighting

Just as with mirrors, lighting today is more than a light source. It’s also key to ambiance and atmosphere. With many of us looking for a spa-type environment in our bathrooms today, LED has soared in popularity. That’s because there’s no glare from this form of lighting and in wall lights, down lighters and up lighters it provides our bathrooms with a soft light which really does have the power to transform.

Show off with shelving

Whether for the shower or the bathroom itself shelving is available in contemporary wood and glass options, allowing for more worktop space and a less cluttered looking environment. You can also use shelving to display a range of lotions and potions boutique-style and to add to that spa feeling.

Let your wall wear it well

From towel hangers to soap dispensers and tumbler holders in classic chrome fittings here at Bella Bathrooms we’re aware of how these matching little touches can prove to be the finishing touch to any modern bathroom.

Elevate your bathroom with electrics

Bathroom electrical accessories have come a long way since the days when it was used for simply lighting a room. Today you can harness this energy to warm up your feet on a winter morning with electric under floor heating. It can also be used to keep your bathroom fresh and steam-free in the form of extractor fans and finally shaving sockets have become a lot trendier with chrome versions available to match the rest of your accessories ensuring your bathroom has an overall unified and design feel to it.


Guide to Bathroom Accessories

If you are installing a completely new bathroom or just completing a bathroom makeover, the accessories are the vital finishing touches. You’ve chosen the bathroom suite, the matching furniture and the stylish mirror but no bathroom revamp is complete without matching bathroom accessories.

It’s easy to get carried away with accessories and tempting to go with the cheaper options; but the quality and durability of bathroom accessories are important. Purchasing a low-cost soap dispenser, only for it to rust within a year, is not going to save money in the long run as you will have to keep replacing it. We suggest choosing chrome accessories because they look clean and stylish, they’re resilient and can adapt to any colour scheme and décor.

Choosing all matching chrome bathroom accessories from the soap dish to the bin can transform an ordinary bathroom to a remarkable one. Chrome is the perfect material to use in a room with constant water usage as it is a hard wearing metal that does not corrode or rust. The silver metal looks smart and will brighten up even the smallest of bathrooms; in addition the room will never look dated. For the ultimate in contemporary chic, chrome is the way to go when it comes to accessories.


In the bathroom, there are vital accessories and then there are decorative accessories. Smaller bathrooms should look to only incorporate what is necessary to avoid cluttering and making the room seem overcrowded. With more space you can be slightly more creative, but a coordinated look is always desirable. Here are the essential bathroom accessories you shouldn’t forget to complete the room:

Toilet Brush – they may not be the most glamorous of items but every bathroom needs one, and you may as well make it look as attractive as possible in chrome.

Towel Ring or Rail – If you haven’t installed a heated towel rail then you will need a place to hang your towels. A chrome rail or ring is ideal.

Soap Dish – To be placed by the sink or in the shower to prevent mess caused by bars of soap.

Soap Dispenser – If you prefer liquid soap then a chrome liquid dispenser by the sink looks stylish and chic. Choose from standing or wall mounted dispensers.

Bath and Shower Mats – essential for preventing slips and falls

Toilet Roll Holder – A minimalist chrome toilet roll holder will stand the test of time

Bathroom Bin – bins have found their way into most bathrooms now, and a smart chrome design will compliment any bathroom style.

Tumbler Holders – these are ideal for keeping toothbrushes and toothpaste neat and tidy

Bathroom Shelves – these are a must for smaller bathrooms that can’t accommodate larger furniture to keep the room organised

Shower Accessories – to make the most of the bathroom and keep it looking spacious and bright, you need to stay on top of the shower products collection. There are a range of stylish chrome baskets to install in the shower area, from small corner baskets to a 3 tier shower tidy.