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Bathroom Furniture

Here at Bella Bathrooms we boast a large and diverse array of different types of bathroom furniture. We have bathroom furniture that vary in both price and style.

This allows you, the customer, to identify a better fit for working within the constraints of your own budget. It also gives you a better chance of identifying pieces of furniture (or entire furniture sets) that keep in line with the particular aesthetic we have in mind.

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Bathroom Furniture UK

We’re constantly working tirelessly to ensure we can provide you with well-made, high quality and fashionable sets of furniture to choose from.

Perhaps you’re just looking for individual pieces to help tie a work in progress together? We’ve got you covered on the front too. Read More...

Bathroom Vanities UK

We have a diverse array of different vanity units for different purposes. Looking to retain as much floor space as possible and keep an “open” feel to your bathroom? You might want to consider a corner vanity unit.

This will allow you to take advantage of the storage space a vanity unit has to offer without taking up valuable free space. This is particularly useful for those working with smaller size constraints.

Cloakroom Furniture UK

We have cloakroom style vanity units that come in all manner of shapes and sizes. From more modern, wall mounted, sleek designs through to full-body variants with a more classic/vintage feel to them.

Floor standing vanity units are a great choice if you’ve got a little more space to spare and you’re looking for the extra storage space. The more space you have for storage the easier it can be to keep things looking tidy consistently. If you’re looking to avoid a cluttered feel you might want to opt for a wall hanging variation.

Bathroom Units

Maybe you’ve got plenty of space to play with. Perhaps you’re looking at designing a beautiful bathroom for a commercial setting. You might want to consider a double-sink vanity unit. These pieces are big, offer plenty of storage space and contain multiple sinks which can be configured in whichever layout please you.

Another excellent piece you can always look to in order to tie a bathroom together is a good quality bathroom cabinet. Of which, we offer an impressive selection. If you’re really looking to ensure you get some longevity out of your bathroom, you can opt for a more modern cabinet with beautiful backlighting.

These illuminated and modern cabinets are a great choice for anyone. Not only that, but they come in a few different styles. We have corner variants available perfect for complimenting a corner vanity cabinet or making clever use of free space.

We also have heated mirrors to ensure that fog/condensation from your shower doesn’t prohibit you from using your mirror.

We offer taller than average bathroom cabinets too for anyone in need of more storage space or simply looking for a cabinet that complements the existing aesthetic of the room. Whether you’re hoping for a mirrored cabinet, a stainless steel option or a white/black wood design, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to further expand the practical and functional side of things, you might want to consider additional storage space. If your room size permits it and it doesn’t clash with the overall design of your room then tall storage units are a great way to go. Not only will they help busy up a design that’s too plain, but they’ll increase your quality of life, too.

Having a safe and dry space to store plenty of towels is invaluable when it comes to enhancing your experience in the bathroom. Especially when the same unit has an open shelf space for decorative towels or other ornaments.