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Shower Enclosures

Showers are becoming ever popular as the luxury item for your bathroom and when you view our huge range of shower enclosures you will see why. Shower enclosures are becoming the sumptuous item that people want in their bathroom and here at Bella Bathrooms we think it is vital that you select the correct enclosure for you. There is a trend for people wanting a separate shower cubicle in their bathroom be it a 3 sided enclosure or a spacious offset quadrant we have it covered. From traditional enclosures to space saving quadrant enclosures, minimalist frameless and even modern walk in shower there is something to suit every taste and an enclosure size to fit every bathroom. You will also find many of our enclosures matched with our fantastic shower tray range to ensure you create the perfect enclosure.

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What Types of Shower Enclosures are Available?

  • Shower Cubicles
  • Quadrant
  • Offset Quadrant
  • Wet Rooms
  • Walk in
  • 3 Sided
  • Bow Fronted
  • Self Contained

Which Shower Enclosure will be most Suitable for your Bathroom Space?

When designing your dream bathroom or adding a shower unit to an existing bathroom you need to consider the location in the bathroom and the space available. This includes considering the type of shower door opening which may best suit your given space.It is important when you view the shower enclosures available for your bathroom that your bear in mind how the shower enclosure will match the existing (or new) items in your bathroom so that you can create a unified look with your shower cubicle. View our shower cubicles range and indulge in the lavish and opulent options available when selecting a shower enclosure.

Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles are the panels that surround a shower tray and attach to the walls in your bathroom creating an enclosed showering space. View our range available in different sizes and styles with hinged, sliding or even fold away doors to help you create the perfect shower enclosure for you. Choose a 3 sided enclosure which allows you to place the enclosure anywhere in your bathroom.

Quadrant Enclosures

Attractive and perfect for smaller bathroom spaces, quadrant enclosures offer a curved shape along the front of the shower cubicle. This means they demand less space in your bathroom and are available in one or two door designs depending on the size you purchase.

Offset Quadrant Enclosures

Similar to the quadrant enclosures the curved front creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom. The shape of an offset quadrant means that the actual space within the shower is more generous to give you a more luxurious showering experience. There is extra flexibility in these enclosures too as they can be installed either left or right handed depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Wet Rooms

For a more sumptuous showering option wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular instead of a regular shower cubicle. These consist of two side panels and no shower tray meaning that you have less limitation on where you position the shower and its size. The fitting of these being flush to the floor makes the shower easily accessible.

Walk In Showers

For more contemporary styling similar to which you would find in modern hotels or spas, walk in showers are bang on trend. The minimalist styling with no moving parts or doors make them relatively maintenance free and easily accessible. Walk in showers help to create the ultimate in a contemporary showering experience and offer something different to a regular shower cubicle.

Bow Fronted

These shower enclosures are a relatively new concept to the shower market which is the ultimate in modern design. Bow fronted enclosures really help to increase the space within your shower and give you a lavish showering experience.

Self Contained Shower Cubicles

If you wish to improve or add a shower cubicle to your existing bathroom without disturbing your tiles or decor then this is the perfect solution for you. These self contained cubicles come in a range of sizes from more compact designs to really generous sized cubicles perfect for a variety of bathroom spaces.

Shower Screens

These shower screens are becoming ever popular over the traditional shower curtain due to their modern design. Available in both fixed or fold away versions they can really improve the look of your bathroom. The fold away is perfect for smaller bathrooms as it helps to create the illusion of space when folded back when not in use.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to offer every style of shower enclosure available in our large range from bow fronted to 3 sided. All of our shower cubicles are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers assuring you of their top quality.

Separate shower enclosures are a highly sought after item for the bathroom and as such there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes available to fit different bathroom spaces. Read our Buyer's Guide: Shower Enclosures to understand what is on offer and which will best suit your given bathroom space.