Bathroom Industry Buying Trends – What’s New?

Bathroom Trends – What’s New for the Buying Industry?

It is an exciting time to be working in the bathroom industry. Now the year is underway, it is time to take stock of the current and upcoming bathroom trends in the industry. It is an inspiring time in this field, with an increase in the market and dynamic new designs in fashion. We start with a look at the ever growing new build market. Before moving on to an overview of the latest fashions and trends in domestic bathroom design.

Buying trends on the rise in the UK housing market

Thanks to increasing buying trends in the UK housing market, the bathroom product market is on the rise. A recent report from AMA Research (Kitchen and Bathroom Products in the House building Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis) has shown that the demand for bathroom fixtures increased by more than 12% last year. This now amounts to a value of over £700 million. Experts are claiming that consumer confidence levels are rising, and the rise in the housing market seems to show no end in sight. The AMA report shows that sinks and taps are hot commodities, with bathroom products in general doing very well.   April Harrogate Bath

Trends in the new build market

The new build market for bathrooms has its own key trends to look out for. If you are in the industry, you should be considering these opportunities for your business’s growth.

  • Two or more full bathrooms in the family home
  • A full en suite bathroom off of the master bedroom
  • An emphasis on high quality fixtures
  • Luxurious fixtures and fittings with an eye for longevity and style
  • Designs that favour the aging UK population (handles and rails, or the option to add these in the future)
  • An inclusion of digital technology (scales, automatic sensors, temperature control)
  • An increasingly interest in ‘wet room’ style showers
  • Space saving measures for condos and flats, such as wall hung toilets, compact furniture and slim line appliances

When it comes to new builds, these trends will continue to define the bathroom product market in the UK for the years ahead.

Design and style – Consumer bathroom trends

Bathrooms trends are not only changing in the new build market. In older homes, people are also keen to renovate and redesign their domestic bathrooms in order to bring them in line with current trends. For centuries in the UK, the bathroom has been a space of simple utilitarianism and quotidian tasks. The home bathroom of yesteryear was often dull, small and unfashionable – but this is changing rapidly. We spend a great deal of time in the bathroom: soaking in a long bath, luxuriating in a hot shower or performing our daily ablutions. As a result, it makes sense to design a space in which you enjoy spending a lot of time. It’s time for designers and clients alike to let their imaginations roam free and create a room that is as fashionable as it is useful. These design trends are dynamic and interesting, all while maintaining their practical edge and ensuring that the bathroom is functional and easy to keep clean. Here are just a few of our favourite current bathroom design trends. Hudson Reed Urban Gloss

Mixing and matching natural materials

Design experts predict that the next couple of years will be defined by a return to natural and organic materials. People are favouring neutral tones inspired by nature, and when it comes to the bathroom this design ethos is clean and simple. Seamless lines and minimalist fixtures can create a sense of organic elegance. Think of a chic blend of natural fibres, clean and sparse décor, and a smattering of natural greenery.

Larger tiles and stones

Large format tiles are chic, elegant and attractive – and best of all, they have less grout and are therefore easier to clean! The lack of grout in your bathroom tiles means that you are less likely to have to worry about mould and mildew growing in between. While these larger tiles and stones have their benefits, you do need to think about the extra cost that they may incur. James Chapman, CEO of Bella Bathrooms warns that with these heavier tiles, you will need a stronger substrate as a basis.

Wood – an incorporation of timeless materials

While synthetic materials do have their use and place in the bathroom, natural materials are very much on trend. Wood, natural stone and metal are all increasing in popularity. While wood was a poor choice in the past (owing to its tendency to buckle and warp), modern finishes and techniques can allow you to incorporate wood in all aspects of your bathroom. Specially treated wooden panels are making a splash as shower floor slats, and even wooden baths are now on the market.

Using darker colours in a small space

Historically, common design sense has dictated that one decorate their small bathroom space in light colours and mirrors in order to make the room seem larger. This old ‘wisdom’ is now being thrown out the window, as dark and moody colours are very much in vogue. Consider painting your bathroom walls slate grey and pairing this with natural wood, white fixtures and potted plants. Dark cement tiles are also in style (and very practical), adding a feeling of industrial chic to your home.

Keep it brassy

Tap fixtures and drawer pulls are often found in silver or polished chrome, but have you considered brass? This ‘70s inspired look is very trendy this year, and brass fixtures can update an otherwise tired looking bathroom in an instant. For a truly chic combination, consider pairing brass with the similarly on trend marble.   Laura Ashley Large Tiles

A space for tranquility and relaxation

As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, the bathroom as a space in the home has changed over the past decades. No longer is this purely a place for perfunctory daily tasks, the bathroom is a place for relaxation. More and more, people are spending heaps of time in the bathroom, and the design ethos is reflecting this shift. People are enjoying spending time in the bathroom for detoxing, distressing and romance, and as a result the emphasis is increasingly on comfort and beauty.

An exciting time for bathroom design!

As you can see, big changes are afoot in the bathroom design industry. With an emphasis on comfort and style, a move towards more expensive materials and the uptick in the new build market, those in the bathroom business have a lot to gain. Staying on top of these bathroom trends will help you to stay on top of your industry.