Bathroom Decor Ideas: Tips and Inspiration

There are a huge range of bathroom decor ideas out there you will be amazed at how easily you can transform your own bathroom. Getting it right however is not so easy. Follow our bathroom decor ideas and inspiration for some simple tips to achieve a designer bathroom.

Adding colour to your new luxury bathroom can be daunting, and most people shy away from it. The main reason being the fear of it looking tacky and cheap, or making your bathroom feel smaller than it may already be. But in actual fact colour is a great way to add luxury to your bathroom and create a very unique look. Take a look at the slide show below for some inspiration and see our tips for the best ways you can add colour to your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Inspiration

Bright Tiles – If you’re shying away from painting your walls, adding some bright tiles is the perfect way to introduce some colour and fun into your bathroom. They’re a great way to add pattern to your bathroom design, too. Creating a centre of attention with tiles around your bath or sink work perfectly.

Towels & Texture – Are you bored of your all white or monotone bathroom? Change your towels and bath mats for some bright funky colourful ones to inject some life into your bathroom.

Lighting – A simple and cheap way to create a colourful ambiance in your bathroom is by changing your light bulbs to colour bulbs. There are many colours available, and online retailers like Amazon stock them.

Flooring – Like the blue tiling you can see above, adding bright coloured floor tiles is a great way to create impact, but still allows to keep the rest of your bathroom simple and chic.

Feature Wall – Unless your bathroom is incredibly large, we suggest shying away from painting every wall. However, painting a ‘feature wall’ is a great way to inject colour and give the feel of a whole new bathroom. Painting behind the toilet or bath wall is a popular place to paint! Mosaic tiles are a great way of adding a feature to your bathroom or highlighting a particular area to create a focal point.

If you are set on completely redecorating your bathroom it is obviously not going to happen overnight, but we hope these tips and photo’s inspire you to consider getting creative with your bathroom in the coming year! Drop us a tweet or comment below if you have any tips for adding colour to your home!

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Decoration Mistakes to Always Avoid!

Lack Of Planning – swapping some tiles, adding a large bathroom mirror & buying a new bath may sound like a simple task that you don’t really need to think about. Surely something new is better than the old, right? Well, occasionally spontaneous decisions can turn out for the worse, and you may later regret rushing into it. So what we suggest is making a plan of how you want your bathroom to look. From colours, to textures to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. It doesn’t need to be an intricately detailed plan, but just know that you have an idea what you’re looking for when you start to bathroom shop.

bathroom decor mistakes to avoid

Lack Of Balance – Being adventurous and creative with your bathroom design is in no way a negative. However, we have seen many cases of people going a little OTT. For example, if you’re adding patterned wall tiles and a quirky bath, we suggest keeping the rest quite simple. Not only does this allow the statement to pieces to stand out, but it prevents your bathroom being garish, and perhaps going out of taste quickly. Try to create balance with your bathroom design, rather than a complete clash of pattern, style and colour.

Being Completely Unrealistic – Going back to the planning point, it’s very often people are unrealistic about the size and shape of their bathroom, and don’t plan their design according to the space they have. Granted, many of us would love a large freestanding bath, double vanity unit and a shower unit, but it’s often not possible. Figure out what’s a priority, and make the most of what you’ve got.

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Fear Of Change & Commitment – Sometimes we forget the importance of the bathroom. From relaxing, to the manic morning rush, we spend a lot of time in there, and it should be given the stunning design it deserves. Sadly, unlike the living room or bedroom, you can’t just change a few cushions and have a completely new look. A bathroom makeover, literally means starting again, in most cases. It may seem daunting, and feel like a huge commitment, but we promise it’s worth it once it’s done.

J-LO Bathroom

We hope these few mistakes to avoid will help you when it comes to decorating your bathroom! Our bathroom decor ideas aim to help you create your own dream bathroom. For further inspiration you might want to check out our blog Bathroom Colour Ideas: Inspiration For Interior Design.