Bathroom Mirrors


With the function of mirrors in the modern bathroom becoming more than vanity, bathroom mirrors have evolved to include additional luxury features and functions designed to enhance any modern home and make our lives easier. We have a large and extensive range of mirrors for bathrooms available in a range of shapes and styles with a number of integrated features including LED lights, clocks, radios, shaver sockets and bathroom mirrors with shelves. Some of the lighting in our bathroom wall mirrors is even operated by sensors and comes on with simply the wave of an armm making them ideal for the bathroom when you may have wet hands. LED bathroom mirrors are growing in popularity as they tend to be more eco friendly. We have a vast collection of different bathroom mirror types in stock here at Bella Bathrooms to suit any size or style bathroom. View our varied range of mirrors for bathrooms and find the perfect one to compliment your bathroom.

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Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Our range of bathroom mirrors are not only a practical feature to any bathroom, they also help with design in terms of making the room appear larger and lighter by reflecting natural light. A large bathroom mirror can really help to create a feeling of spaciousness plus extra brightness where natural light sources are lacking. You will find even small bathroom mirrors can achieve a similar lightening effect if positioned cleverly. Illuminated bathroom mirrors are also useful to help you set the ambience in your bathroom while backlit mirrors offer a subtle glow for relaxation time. We also have a range of bathroom mirrors with lights to enhance your mirror when performing tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. You won’t fail to be impressed with our extensive bathroom mirror range.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Here at Bella Bathrooms we will have the ideal solution if it is mirrors for bathrooms that you are searching for! Whether you are looking for vintage bathroom mirrors or a more contemporary style white bathroom mirror this range encompasses it all. We have an extensive range of mirrors with different features to make your daily bathroom routine run smoothly. From a shaving mirror to a bathroom mirror with shelf great for keeping those bathroom essentials close to hand.

Bathroom Mirror with Shelf

If your bathroom is on the small side or lacking in storage space then a bathroom mirror with shelf is the perfect option. Adding a wall hung bathroom cabinet to a compact bathroom can actually make the room feel smaller which is why these mirrors are ideal - they take up less space yet still offer a storage solution. The shelf will add that extra space for you to keep your everyday toiletries close to hand thus speeding up your daily routine. These shelves tend to be made from glass meaning they will match with changing decors over the years. We have a wide range of options available when selecting the ideal bathroom mirror with shelf for you.

All of our bathroom mirrors are supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ which assures you these mirrors for bathrooms will last you for years to come. Mirrors are so much more than a looking glass these days - they are a sought after bathroom accessory. Read our Buyer's Guide: Bathroom Mirrors to understand the vast range of sizes and styles of mirrors on offer.