Bathroom Renovations – 4 Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom Now

Renovating your luxury bathroom can seem like a costly, time consuming and sometimes unnecessary task. However there are actually many benefits for renovating your bathroom space, some that you may not have heard of yet. Although it may seem like a massive upheaval the end result will far outweigh any inconvenience. In this blog we will outline the 4 main reasons it’s a great idea to get planning those bathroom renovations.

Why Consider Bathroom Renovations?

Increased Value

– If you’re currently looking to sell your property, or it’s something you are considering in the future, bathroom renovations can add anywhere from around £3500 to £4000 on the value of your property. Which is certainly a figure not to shove your nose at! Many property guru’s suggest that adding an additional cloakroom toilet can also reap you big rewards when it comes to profit.  A tidy, clean, functional bathroom is also very appealing to prospective buyers.  This will ultimately make selling your home much easier. Indeed many home buyers will overlook a property that only has one bathroom area such is the demand for these spaces.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Save On Energy Costs

– Despite the fact renovating your bathroom may cost, the long term financial benefits can be huge. Updating the technology and functionality of your bathroom can save you a lot on energy costs.  Over time this will balance out the cost of the renovation. There is a good range of water saving products available now.  From the popular dual flush mechanism on toilets to shower and tap regulators which ensure you don’t use too much water. You will also find modern heated towel rails have controls which allow you to control the amount of heat perfect for different times of the day or even year! Not only will you save on energy costs you will also have a more functional, reliable bathroom.

Towel Rail

More Luxury

– Who doesn’t love some luxury in their life? No one. So by renovating or even simply updating your bathroom, you can create a space you’re proud of, and a space you actually want to spend tine in. Loving somewhere you spend a lot of your time in is definitely a space you should invest your money in. Such is the range of luxurious bathroom products now available it is really easy to create that spa environment in your own home. Whether it’s powerful body jets or sumptuous whirlpool baths or even marble effect tiles there are endless ways you can bring a touch of luxury into your own bathroom space.

Luxury Bath

Improved Functionality

– When you are looking to improve your own bathroom a vital consideration is to think who uses the bathroom and which items you think are most important. If you are a fan of showering there is no point in letting a generous sized bath over run your bathroom space. Choose a three sided shower enclosure to create a lavish shower space and opt for a bath with a more space saving design such as a corner bath. There are also numerous modern touches which can improve the function of your bathroom too such as infrared sensors to turn on mirror lights and digital shower panels to allow you to set the water temperature and flow before entering. By considering contemporary bathroom designs you will find a vast choice of products to improve the usability of your bathroom and the clever designs which create more space in even the smallest of rooms.

Digital Shower Control

Pound Coins If you’re considering renovating your bathroom this summer, we’ve come up with some interesting ways that you can make savings on new furniture, DIY products and bathroom suites to ensure your makeover project comes in on budget. Check out our money-saving tips to ensure your next renovating or decorating venture is a low-cost success:

Money-saving Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

Reuse and recycle

HR Anson When considering a bathroom makeover it’s a good idea to look closely at your existing bathroom suite. Is it completely ruined or can it be re-used? If your ceramics aren’t looking that bad, give them a good scrub and simply replace worn-out fittings with shiny new taps, traps and mixers to give them a facelift. If part of your bathroom suite is cracked, chipped or badly stained and needs replacing, (such as the basin, for example) you could just change the sink and keep the rest of the suite in place, updating the bath with new taps and fixings to match your new basin. Bathroom Suite Package Bear in mind that a 3-piece cheap bathroom suite can be a money-saving option compared to buying the basin, toilet and bath individually so you may want to invest in the whole suite at once to save money overall.

Phone a Friend

Paiint Tin

Ask friends, family and neighbours if they have DIY items going spare that you could use in your bathroom makeover. They may have half-full tins of paint that would easily cover the walls of your cloakroom, or they could donate packets of screws and leftover wood to your project which you could use when constructing a bath panel for your new bath. DIY Friends and family are often very happy to help with DIY tasks and you might even discover that your granddad used to be a plumber if you simply ask around for a helping hand. Your pals might be able to knock up a shelf in no time and your trained electrician cousin might be able to give you mates’ rates on a renovation project so let everyone know that you’re tackling this DIY project and see if anyone can help you out.

Shop around

Online ShopSometimes bathroom showrooms and tile specialists will need to charge more for products due to the overheads of having glossy premises and sales staff so it’s a good idea to do some research online before buying. You’ll not only get the same level of quality and service, but will find much lower prices. Buying direct from specialist bathroom web retailers can result in considerable savings on suites, accessories and furniture and everything will be delivered directly to your address to save you lugging it home from the showroom in the back of your car – equaling convenience and savings! Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident we can help you renovate your bathroom space without breaking the bank thanks to our generous range of competitively priced bathroom products!

Follow our handy tips and we are confident you will be planning those bathroom renovations in no time at all! You may wish to read my other blog for inspiration which details my bathroom ideas for creating a dream bathroom space Have you renovated your bathroom before? What made you choose to do it? We’d love to know in the comments, or come and say hello on Twitter.