Buyer’s Guide: Baths

Mood Kanuka Modern Suite The bath is now one of the most decorative and fundamental elements of the modern bathroom. Long gone are the days when it was just a bath with utilitarian purposes. Contemporary cheap baths are made to wow, with ornate designs and luxurious qualities. There are so many styles and materials to choose from when buying a bath. However it is often the shape of the room which will dictate the type of bath you need to choose. If you have a larger bathroom then you have the luxury of designing the layout as you wish. If you only have a small bathroom then don’t worry there are still a huge variety of bath designs to fit into compact spaces. These baths can look designer in style too such is the range on offer. Small in size certainly doesn’t mean lacking in style!

Modern baths are made from two main materials acrylic and steel and both have positive and negative properties. It is a good starting point when selecting the perfect bath for your bathroom suite to know whether you are looking for acrylic baths or steel baths. Here is what you need to know about these two different bath material types:

Acrylic VS Steel Baths


  • Most popular bath material throughout the UK
  • Lightweight material makes it easy to transport and install
  • Good heat retention
  • Cost effective and fantastic value for money
  • Warmer to the touch than steel
  • Non-porous: easy to clean and remove scratches


  • Is commonly used throughout the UK as a bath material
  • Stronger and more durable than acrylic
  • Resilient and almost impossible to scratch
  • Cold to the touch but an outstanding heat conductor
  • Chemical and UV light resistant, preventing any discolouration
  • Eco-friendly choice – 100% recyclable material whereas acrylic is made from burning fossil fuels

Once you have selected the perfect bath material you can begin the search for the ideal shape or style. Here is our quick rundown on the different types of bath that are available;

What Types of Baths are Available?

Single Ended Bath

Single Ended Bath The single ended bath has always been popular. It is simply a rectangular bath which has the faucets installed at one end. This means only one person can sit in the bath comfortably at once as there is only one backrest. This is the standard shape of bath that you will find in many homes today. It is offered in numerous different sizes to fit a variety of bathroom spaces. There is a decent range of small baths now available. These will allow you to fit a bath into the most space compromised of bathrooms.

Double Ended Bath

Double Ended Freestanding Bath If you’d prefer something more intimate or a larger bath for kids’ bath time, then you may wish to browse the double ended baths. A double ended bath design usually incorporates the faucet centrally. This means both ends of the bath are free for leaning against. After all, a long relaxing bath is a romantic experience, so why experience it alone?! Double ended baths are great for intimate encounters. However they are also a wise choice if you’d like more room for one to have a generous bathing experience. This type of bath can be ideal for families who may need to bathe the children together.

Corner Bath

Corner BathCorner baths are great for rooms with an odd shape or bathrooms with lots of corners to fill! They are also a space-saving option as they can be tucked into corners where a conventional rectangular bath simply wouldn’t fit. Yet it doesn’t compromise on space. A corner bath comes in many shapes and sizes, and can often provide you with a lavish bathing experience. If you are looking for a smooth look for your bathroom a corner bath can be the answer. The curved front offers a different finish to the angular look of a standard bath.

Shower Baths

Shower bath Another of the bath styles that is suited to small bathrooms is the generous range of shower baths. If you are short of space but would love the flexibility of being able to choose between showering and bathing then this bath style is ideal. This combined shower and bath is perfect for families where the children bathe and the adults prefer an efficient shower. They are even useful for creating extra space in cramped bathrooms that have both fitted separately.

Freestanding Bath

Free Standing BathFreestanding baths can become the focal point of your bathroom as they command your attention. The freestanding bath is the epitome of traditional luxury and opulence. Unfortunately in Britain there aren’t many bathrooms which have the space to install one. But if you do, then a freestanding bath is an absolute must, and they are surprisingly reasonably priced these days. A freestanding bath is often the focal centrepiece in a big bathroom. There are many styles to choose from but they fall into two categories: vintage or ultra-modern. You can then choose depending on which will suit the theme of your bathroom. Grey bathroom tiles The vintage style can be slipper shaped or a roll top freestanding bath. Whereas it’s contemporary counterpart is usually thin rimmed and double ended.

A classic freestanding bath will often stand on claws, raised above the ground. Modern designs usually sit neatly on the floor, emulating a spa-like environment. Roll top baths offer the most classic of design and will really create an impact in a traditional styled bathroom.

Whirlpool Baths

Decadence Bath If you are looking for a bath to create a spa like environment in your own home then check out the fantastic range of whirlpool baths on the market. These luxurious baths are offered with different numbers of jets, wellness systems, underwater lighting and even sound systems. They will create a truly sumptuous bathing experience. These additional features will help to transform the bathroom into a heavenly retreat.

Additional Extras

Bath Panel To complete the finish of your bath we have a generous range of bath panels available. These will help to create a look to best suit your bathroom space. You can choose from white, wooden and acrylic styles in a whole host of different colours. From oak to dark greys and even black. These panels are only suitable for certain bath style and are not necessary for the freestanding range. Once you have decided the type of material and shape of bath you want then you are a good way towards making the final choice. Now all you need to consider is the size you are looking for and whether you want a modern or traditional style.

Enjoy viewing the entire range of baths we have available on offer at Bella Bathrooms. All of which can be matched up to create your perfect bathroom suite.