Who doesn't enjoy a lovely relaxing soak in the bath at the end of a stressful day – whether work or children-related? For most of us our bath is a crucial part of our relaxation routine and for that reason alone choosing a bath should involve lots of prior research and planning to ensure it compliments your current bathroom suite. Whether you are looking for small baths, large baths, narrow baths or deep baths you will find a suitable type in our fantastic bath range. Our ever popular freestanding baths selection will create a truly luxurious look for your bathroom and we have a generous range of freestanding bath suites for you to choose from. View our extensive range of baths and you will see how a bath can be an addition to any size or style of bathroom space.

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What Types of Baths are Available?

Fortunately today there really are a huge selection of bath styles, shapes, materials and colours to choose from. These include acrylic baths, steel baths, whirlpool baths and corner baths, free standing baths and roll top baths and even double ended baths for twice as much comfort. Becoming ever popular for space compromised bathrooms are shower baths; these consist of a shower area in a bath unit giving you the flexibility to enjoy either. View our extensive range of baths for sale here at Bella Bathrooms and we are sure you will find the perfect bath for you.You can even choose from a variety of bathroom suite packages which feature these different designs of baths.

Acrylic baths

The most commonly found bath in British bathrooms, the acrylic bath is light in terms of weight, usually white and found in different lengths and designs. This type of bath is particularly great for retaining heat.

Steel baths

Looking for a bath which is guaranteed to last a lifetime? Then you’ll be after a steel bath. Our steel baths provide plenty of room and come in the popular 1700mm size to suit almost any bathroom. Some of our steel baths also feature grips and anti slip coatings if you are looking for more security in your bath.

Shower baths

A bit pushed for space in your bathroom? Then keep what limited floor space you have by purchasing a combined bath and shower in what we now term a ‘shower bath’. Originally referred to as a P-shape shower bath this clever piece of bathroom equipment comes in a variety of styles today including the very contemporary L-shape. Showers baths can come complete with a glass screen and bath panel.

Whirlpools baths

For years now Hydrotherapy has been hailed as having substantial health benefits and with a whirlpool bath you’ll be able to find them out – as well as benefit from them. The benefits from a whirlpool bath include improved circulation, reduced heart rate and muscle tension as well as relief from general all round stress relief. Most of the baths we sell here at Bella Bathrooms can be fitted with a variety of whirlpool capacities – just tell us what you’d like.

Corner baths

Still unusual enough these days to be a bit quirky as well as luxurious, the corner bath is a perfect space saving and design solution for small bathrooms. These are available in both standard and offset lengths.

Small Baths

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on having a bath. Small baths are less than the standard size of bath but if you are happy to compromise on size then you can still fit a bath in your suite. The good news is you don’t have to compromise on style with a range of small but stylish baths.

Roll top baths

An increasingly modern trend for those who have a large enough bathroom to accommodate one, the roll top bath is luxury in bath form. These rather traditional looking baths are good looking enough to become the focal point of any bathroom. Today they’re produced in other materials such as stone resin and acrylic in addition to the original cast iron. It’s a good idea, if your roll top bath is to be in the centre of a room or in front of a window, to purchase the exposed bath waste kit to hide ugly pipe work.

Freestanding Baths

This luxurious bath style is no longer available only to the rich! Freestanding baths are now reasonably priced so that everyone can afford one if they so wish. Bear in mind that this style of bath is suited to a larger bathroom.

Double ended baths

Another increasingly popular item, the double ended bath offers plenty of lolling opportunity for one and a pleasant bathing experience for two. Some of the big bathroom designers in this field have come up with a range and size of double ended baths without the designer price tags to match.

Bath Panels

To finish the look off of your bath we have a wide range of bath panels available. They come in a variety of finishes from white to wood and different colours to match the decor of your bathroom.

Such are the choices available when selecting a new bath it can be a little confusing. Read our Buyer's Guides: Baths to ensure you choose the ideal bath to compliment your bathroom size and style.