Shower Baths

Bathroom design is improving all the time to bring space saving solutions for the smallest of bathrooms. And that’s where something like the shower bath comes into its own. Designed to maximise floor space in your bathroom this clever bath and shower combo (or rather extended bath with shower and glass partition) pleases both the bath lover and the shower fanatic and ultimately provides delighted householders with the best of both worlds. Our fantastic shower bath suites will help you to create a complete bathroom featuring both a bathing and showering area. View our large range of shower baths here at Bella Bathrooms which includes the popular P and L shaped shower bath designs which provide you with a slightly larger area to accommodate the shower unit. If you love your bath but are desperate to have a shower too these over bath showers are the ideal solution.

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Bath with Shower

Originally the shower bath was referred to as the P shaped shower bath but today that moniker is no longer relevant since it’s also possible to obtain a D and L shaped shower bath and other styles of bath shower designs – such is the growing interest in this form of dual bathing. These different shape baths help you to best suit any bathroom design. A shower bath can also help you to save costs as opposed to separately purchasing a bath and shower enclosure.

Whether you are looking for a compact 1500 shower bath for a small bathroom or you have the space to fit a generous 1800 shower bath we will have a top quality bath shower combo design ideal for your bathroom. One thing’s for sure with the shower bath, it won’t matter if you get into the bath and realise you only have time for a shower instead – or vice versa – for it’ll just be a matter of switching around within seconds and without getting the bathroom floor wet. The shower bath is also a great way of having a bath and washing your hair at the same time as the shower handle can often be brought down to bath level.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we really can’t think of one single negative thing to say about the shower bath and can understand why many designers say these types of baths are here to stay in modern bathroom design. Whether you love baths or prefer an efficient shower these baths give you the best of both worlds for your bathroom. Our shower baths are supplied by the UK’s leading manufacturers which assures you of their top quality. Purchase any of these bath with shower designs for your bathroom and you can be sure they will last you for years to come.