Towel Rails For Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional Towel Rails

Towel Rails for Traditional BathroomsWhen it comes to creating a more traditional bathroom, the towel rail selection process can be considerably harder than if you were renovating a contemporary bathroom. For example, you need to find a towel rail that doesn't scream modern chic style, instead you need a towel rail that boasts a hint of luxury from the traditional Victorian era. Another potential downfall is that traditional towel rails do tend to be a lot smaller than the larger, more prolific contemporary towel rails, so finding one with a good heat output, especially for a larger bathroom can be a rather time consuming task.

Bella Bathrooms offer an extensive range of  stunning, luxurious heated towel rails for the perfect warm addition to your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a columnar design or one with surrounding pipes to attach it to the bathroom wall, we bring you a great range of beautiful traditional towel rails for every classic bathroom. We only use the most trusted manufacturers for all of our products, including towel rails. So enjoy your new heated towel rail from the likes of Reina Radiators and Hudson Reed, who specialise in bringing a touch of heated luxury to your bathroom for an excellent price.