Different Types of Showers

Different Types of Showers

Digital Shower

A ground breaking alternative to electric, mixer and power showers, the digital shower is a modern work of bathing art. Packed full of technology, digital showers are both eco-friendly and user friendly thanks to their abundance of functionality and settings. Settings on a digital shower are designed to be customised, which means the user can select their preferred, optimal shower experience from pressure and temperature to water output. Digital showers typically sport a minimal design aesthetic and make a space saving, stylish addition to any bathroom suite.

Electric Shower

Electric showers offer hot water on demand. They work by channelling cold water from the mains into the unit, which is then heated by an element within. As well as having instant hot water, one of the biggest advantages of an electric shower is that it isn’t affected by problems with the boiler, so even if the central heating system acts up, you can still lather up under a soothing stream of hot water.

Most modern electric shower units will offer thermostatic control, meaning the temperature can be adjusted according to shower preference. They should be installed by a qualified professional and are available in a range of contemporary and traditional designs.

Mixer Shower

A modern unit, a mixer shower as the name suggests mixes hot and cold water together. This mixture occurs in the shower valve where the temperature is regulated and compensations are made for the drops in pressure and loss of either hot or cold water, which can sometimes be the case if a tap is turned on in another part of the house.

Mixer showers are a contemporary showering solution and with a vast range of designs available, they can be slotted easily into most styles of bathroom or shower room. Most are compatible with low and high pressure water systems meaning they’re suitable for use in most properties.

Power Shower

If you’ve ever been to a spa or a luxury hotel and hopped in the shower to feel water pounding your skin, chances are you’ve experience a power shower. Great for the circulation, a power shower offers an invigorating wakeup call and the great news is they can be used in homes that have low pressure as the shower system includes a pump to boost water flow. Power showers are popular with those who have to grab their relaxation where they can as they often feature massage systems which can invigorate sore muscles while soaping up. The only downside to a power shower is that they are not considered as environmentally friendly as some alternatives, due to their typical energy and water consumption levels.

Whichever type of shower you decide on you will be pleased to find we have an extensive range of luxury bathroom showers here at Bella Bathrooms for you to choose from. You may also find this Buyers Guide to Shower Types blog post interesting to help you make those shower decisions!

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